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OKFIL company develops and produces an innovative energy-independent fresh air supply valve with air purafication.

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We pending world-wide patent for our innovative technologies.

We do business since 2014

Our experience will help you to avoid many mistakes.

We expanding our business via franchising

Ready-made business with proven tools for promotions, sales and service.

78 cities in 11 countries

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256 employees

We have experienced professional team.

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 Window Filter

Window Filter

Do you feel stuffy at home when your windows are closed? Do you feel cold and noisy when the windows are open? 'Yes" is a typical answer of people who have not installed Window Filters yet. That is a well-known fact that sealed windows cause such problems as stuffiness, frequent illnesses, feel unwell and allergies. On the other hand opened windows cause a problem of street noise, dust, dirt and drafts. So the number of owners of plastic windows is growing every day, which means that the number of people suffering from their consequences is growing. Therefore the number of our potential customers is growing as well every day. Window Filter - a compact plastic device that installs in any part of the window frame and creates a constant flow of fresh clean air into the room. The Window Filter ventilates the room with closed windows 24/7, thus protecting against street noise, drafts and dirty air. Our device was tested up to -55 °C in Yakutsk. Recommended by the Interregional Institute of Windows (St. Petersburg). Window filter does not break the frame structure and does not affect its warranty. Window Filter can be installed in existing windows including fixed frames.

The technology does not violate the window warranty

OKFIL Window Filters can be installed on windows made of PVC, aluminum, wood. Can be installed on fixed frames! No need to change the windows! The technology is pending world-wide patent in cooperation with Skolkovo.

Our franchisees

We help start your first business with our proven franchise. For experienced entrepreneurs our franchise is a successful investment. Proven methods of promotion and sales we recorded in the instructions and checklists.


1 resident of city = 1 window.

For example in Frankfurt:
732 688 people / windows x $39 = $25,644,080 of income.

And also earnings on replacing of cartridges 2-4 times a year.

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