OKFIL results for 5 years and plans for the following 5 years

OKFIL Window Filters is a young Company which has achieved impressive results for 2014-2019 years thanks to the experienced and talented Team who won the 1st place at the Export Accelerator Project in Udmurtia in 2019 and got financial support from the local government to develop and promote OKFIL product all over the world.

OKFIL Global Mission

By working together at OKFIL Window Filters Company we can make small (and not small) changes and improvements every day. With this continuous improvement we are pursuing our main goal and the Global Mission of the Company that is to make clean air in every house!

OKFIL 5-years growth 

In December 2019, OKFIL Window Filters Company celebrated 5 years anniversary. In 2014 there were only 4 team members and we worked only in Udmurtia and now we are in 78 cities of 11 countries in amount of 256 team members!

2019 was a very busy and important year for OKFIL Window Filters Company in terms of development in the foreign markets. We actively searched for partners all over the world, took part in various exhibitions, business missions and forums. Thanks to that OKFIL brand is developing, growing and strengthening its position in the world market. 

In 2019 we had opened new export markets: Germany, Mongolia, Macedonia, Latvia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. In 2020 we are planning to start OKFIL business in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Africa, China, Turkey and in South America.

The total revenue of our network for five years amounted to 255 million rubles (3.5 million US dollars), and in 2020 we will make a powerful breakthrough and in just one year we will get almost the same revenue, with the export share exceeding 20%.

OKFIL at Fensterbau Frontale 2020

This year we are presenting a new version of OKFIL Window Filter at the giant Exhibition in Germany Fensterbau Frontale. OKFIL brand will be an exponent there along with such global brands as Veka, Rehau, Salamander, Schüco and others. This is a serious step higher on a new level. The Exhibition will be attended by businessmen and companies from 116 countries. 

Five most essential things about OKFIL product 

OKFIL Window Filter is an ecofrinedly device for positive ventilation and making homes full of clean air. There are at least 5 essential things you should know about OKFIL Window Filter:

  1. It can work at any climate (at the temperature from -55 °С to +60 °С)
  2. It can work without electricity
  3. It can filter most particles which are met in the street air (even PM2.5)
  4. It can save money on heating and cooling buildings
  5. It can be installed in 90% of window types, even on the fixed frame

Windows Market growth 

There are millions buildings in the world, most buildings have windows and most windows need valves for positive ventilation. You may learn more details about Windows Market from our previous articles https://okfil.biz/en/the-largest-market-for-windows-doors/ and https://okfil.biz/en/world-windows-and-doors-market-in-2018-2022/ OKFIL Window Filters Company is planning to grow the nearest 5 years and further on, making clean air in every house! 

You are welcome to join OKFIL Team and our Global Mission! Please contact us in case of interest. OKFIL Window Filters – clean air in every house!