How to make windows safe for children?

Each year about 5000 children fall from windows!

Most dangerous time – spring and summer.

Most dangerous age – before 5.

Most dangerous gender – boys! They are more risky than girls  to fall from windows.

Many of the window falls are fatal for children…

The primary responsibility of parents and adults is to protect children from the dangers of the world.

What dangers are waiting for your kids at home and on the street?

While growing up a kid may face many dangers not only on the street, but also at own home.

Let’s remember how many safety devices have already been invented by adults to protect children:

– car seats and safety belts

– reflecting elements for children’s clothes

– special belt loops for kids who are just starting to walk

– playgrounds with a special rubber coating to soften falls

– “lockers” and other windows guards to prevent falls

– window filters which clean the street air so that children do not breathe the exhaust of roads

– nozzles for sharp corners

– cabinet doors’ blockers

– playpens

– helmets, knee and elbow pads and many many more…

All these things were invented and implemented for sale by ordinary people who probably also have children and who seriously took up the problem of kids’ safety.

How to ventilate home without a risk to lose a child?

Warm season is the most dangerous in terms of window falls. Keeping windows locked in summer is not a good idea as kids can also be severely affected by the stuffiness. Opening windows for ventilation only in presence of adults is also not a good idea as there were many cases when children fell out of the window in presence of adults. We are all just people, not superheroes, and we cannot rely only on human resources in this case. It is required to install special safety devices to protect children from fall and supervise them properly until they are grown up.

What is ECO-ventilation like?

In good warm weather we all want to keep windows wide open, not on micro-ventilation. But what if the air outside is not safe enough? If you live near a busy highway or factory, it is better to filter the air and breathe safely. There are some devices for ECO-ventilation such as OKFIL Window Filters. They ventilate the room without noise, dust and drafts with the windows closed and may be considered as one of the windows guards to prevent kids’ falls. Special cartridges filter the street air from harmful impurities of transport and industrial emissions.

OKFIL Window Filters are highly recommended to be installed in kindergartens, schools, hospitals and at homes where little kids live. They help to resolve at once such matters as ventilation, safety and energy efficiency at cooling and heating homes.

Remember, safety and health of our children – in our hands!