Filtering water and what about air?

Why do we filter water?

Most of us is striving for a comfortable life. We care about our home and want it to be always clean, cozy and fresh. We care about our health and drink only good clean or filtered water so that it would be useful for us. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a house with no water filters or bottles of water from the shop. The difference between tap water and filtered water is obvious: tap water has a yellowish tint, unpleasant smell and taste. Life is impossible without water and without air as well. But are you filtering air?

What do we have in the air?

Every day on the street we are breathing a lot of small particles of dust and dirt which are so small that we cannot see them, and the air seems to be quite clean and safe. But it is not! We should think of the air we breathe in. Indoor air can be no less dangerous than in the street. At home we have carbon dioxide, viruses (if one of the family members is sick), as well as formaldehydes that stand out from furniture, wallpapers and plastic items. If you regularly open the window for ventilation it will provide you with both fresh air and related problems: drafts and dust on the windowsills.

How to ventilate home without dust?

PVC windows providing noise and heat insulation lose their advantages when you open windows for ventilation. Engineers from Udmurtia had developed a unique valve ventilation – window filter. In comparison with other valves, OKFIL Window Filter allows ventilating without noise, dust and drafts with the windows closed. It provides noise and heat insulation without cooling the room too much.

The secret of such a comfortable ECO-ventilation is in the unique filtering element (cartridge) which is located inside the window filter. It is made of polyurethane foam being foamed by special technology so that it could easily let the air into the room but stop all the dust and dirt. This is a class of fine filtering which is used in air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is used in hospitals, administrative buildings, hotels, at the food production, medicines, electronic, meat and dairy industry. OKFIL cartridge is designed to capture dust, sand, various particles and pollen.

Interesting facts about OKFIL cartridge:

– OKFIL cartridge is being produced only in Udmurtia and is foamed by unique technology

– It is being patented all over the world

– Detains particles up to 2 microns which is 5 times less than the thickness of a human hair

– Its’ air flow capacity: 9 m³/h to 30 m³/h

– Cartridge should be replaced every 4-6 months

– Coal cartridge which will stop odors from the street and antibacterial cartridge are coming soon! 

If you are still doubting whether you need OKFIL Window Filters or not, please look at the picture below and compare new cartridge and the used one. Please also check the air quality in your city at Real-time Air Quality Index.

Think of the air you breathe in…at least at home. OKFIL Window Filters – clean air in every house!