How climate and weather affect Indoor Air Quality and ventilation?

What about ventilation in warm weather?

During warmer weather, when several windows are open, houses will usually have adequate ventilation which can effectively remove indoor pollutants. It should be noted that in summer, less air will move through window openings as temperature differences between the inside and outside are smaller.

However, if the windows are closed(e.g., due to the use of air conditioning), it is likely that tighter houses will be under-ventilated unless a mechanical ventilation system is present. Under-ventilation is also possible in the spring or fall if windows are closed and outdoor conditions are moderate. Inadequate air exchange can cause various environmental problems such as poor IAQ, high humidity, and cold-weather window condensation.

What about ventilation in cold weather?

Geographic location can have a significant impact on the selection of the ventilation system and its operation. Homeowners living in warmer regions can leave windows and doors open for a greater part of the year as compared to residents of colder regions, thus allowing them to take advantage of natural ventilation and reduce their energy use. Colder climates require homeowners to use mainly mechanical ventilation to ensure that their homes are adequately ventilated. People living in colder climates are extremely affected by stack effect and require more energy for home heating and mechanical ventilation systems if their house is not airtight.

How to improve Indoor Air Quality at any weather?

For those concerned about the quality of the outside supply air, for example, if occupants suffer from pollen allergies or are affected by nearby sources of outdoor air pollution such as major roadways or contaminated air from neighboring dwellings – it can be useful to have an efficient air filtration system at home.

OKFIL Window Filters Company is producing window filters and expanding its’ usage all over the world. The main advantages of the window filters are that they do not consume electricity, can be mounted on already installed windows and effectively work in cold regions without freezing up to –55 Celsius degree. OKFIL Window Filters allow ventilating the room 24/7 without street noise, dust and air drafts.  It is a compact plastic device with a replaceable filter element (cartridge). It is installed in the window profile and starts working immediately – it purifies the air and creates comfortable conditions even when the windows are closed. It saves energy in houses located both in cold and warm regions allowing to keep windows closed while heating or cooling systems are working.

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