The reasons for condensate are quite simple:

1. High humidity in the room.

2. Surfaces that have a low temperature which is below the “dew point”. It means that air cannot retain excess moisture and it turns it into water, and it happens on colder surfaces. In the case of PVC windows– these are the glass and the part of the windowsill.

Condensate is not just water, but a constantly actng destructve factor! It causes the mold which is really dangerous for health, especially for the allergic people.

What can you do to prevent condensaton? It is necessary to observe the following measures:

1. Regular ventilaton reduces humidity in the room. It is necessary to open windows regularly (which is quite uncomfortable in cold seasons) or install a window filter – it provides around-the-clock comfortable ventilaton with the closed windows without noise, dust and cold air drafts. You may regulate the flow of air and also may just close it. At the same time, the room is not damped and fresh pure air (free of the street dust) comes inside.

2. Check the draft ventilaton. It should work properly.

3. Make the temperature of the surface which condensaton can form on higher. It is necessary to ensure the influx of warm air to the window profile: a narrow window sill, a radiator placed under the window, good insulaton of the assembly seam, no objects cluttering the sill.

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condensate on windows

no condensate on windows