Many people think that the quality of the product is not the main thing a businessman should think about. Some people think that the main thing is to bypass competitors by price reduction, but obviously such pricing policy does not make profits to businessmen.

OKFIL Window Filters Company has an opposite opinion and puts the quality on the top of priority. Our product is an innovative window ventilation valve. In the process of company’s development and production we tried to use different materials for the window filter but not all of them met our expectations. We came to the conclusion that the quality of the product determines the reputation of the company in the market, that’s why the company should not save on the materials.

When you look at the window filter the first you see is the white case made of shatterproof Korean ABS plastic. This material can withstand almost any climatic temperature and “feels” perfectly well already for two winters in Yakutsk at -65° С. 


And finally the main component of the window filter is the filtering element, or in other words the cartridge. At first glance, you might think that this is usual foam like a sponge used to wash dishes. But this is a big mistake. The cartridge is also made of polyurethane foam but it is made by special technology. It is highly air permeable and detains the smallest dust particles with the size 5 times thinner than a hair in contrast to conventional foam rubber. Even if moisture enters the filter element it will not absorb. All of our technologies are patented for the whole world together with the Skolkovo Foundation. We produce most of the components in Izhevsk (the homeland of the Kalashnikov AK-47). And we had invented a window filter in Izhevsk so it’s “fully charged”.


You may compete with analogues infinitely reducing the price but you will never “win” the Chinese producers by this way. We are striving for leadership in the market due to the quality of the product and the high level of service. For us it is better than play with “low-balling”.