Air pollution and solution

We all know that the air in most cities is really dirty and dangerous for the health nowadays. People are trying to protect themselves from dirty air, for example, Shanghai citizens wear special masks and install different means for air cleaning at homes, so called “breathers”.

You may check the air quality in your city by using this link You may also see World Air Quality Forecasting at

The main fixed toxic components of automobile emissions are oxides of carbon, nitrogen and hydrocarbons. In addition, saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, aldehydes, carcinogenic substances, soot and other components enter the atmosphere with the exhaust gases.

The largest share among the harmful emissions is occupied by carbon monoxide, dust, sulfurous anhydride, nitrogen oxide. Manganese, arsenic, lead, phosphorus, mercury vapors, etc. are emitted a bit less.

Sources of air pollution

There are various sources of air pollution, both anthropogenic and of natural origin:

  • burning of fossil fuels in electricity generation, transport, industry and households;
  • industrial processes and solvent use, for example in chemical and mineral industries;
  • agriculture;
  • waste treatment;
  • volcanic eruptions, windblown dust, sea-salt spray and emissions of volatile organic compounds from plants are examples of natural emission sources. More details can be found at

How does dirty air affect our health?

Air pollution is causing around 467,000 premature deaths in Europe every year, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has warned.  At some point each of the below diseases was caused by a negative environmental factor:

  • diseases of the lungs and heart;
  • insults;
  • newborns with health defects;
  • chronic cough;
  • cancers.

How to minimize the effect of emissions on the health?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate the influence of dirty air on our health, but we can follow some rules that will considerably reduce its harmful effect:

  • Try to spend more time in nature. If you do a morning jog, then do it in the park, not along the roadways.
  • Try not to walk with children along the roadways, since the concentration of car exhaust is higher directly at the level of a child’s height and the air at its level is dirtier than at the height of an adult;
  • It is necessary to ventilate the room regularly, but for this you need to use special devices that will filter the street air. There are wall breathers (costing about 600 $ per room), or window filters (about 24$ per filter including installation).

OKFIL Window Filters do not consume electricity and can be installed on the set windows. They are easily mounted in any part of the window and allow ventilating without street noise, dust and air drafts. The air will flow evenly into the room; filter’s cartridge will clear it and street dust and automobiles tires’ crumbs will not enter the room. Especially it is necessary for those who live and work near a busy highway or factories.

If you are a real estate developer or a management company, then you can install window filters both in constructed buildings located close to heavy traffic or factories, or plan its’ installation at any stage of construction. For getting more information please contact us.