Ecology of the future

Ecology is such a simple concept that we all know from the childhood. “Good ecology” – sounds great, “bad ecology” – sounds really bad. Recently goods and services with the prefix ECO- have become mega-popular among people. What does it mean? It means that most people constantly think about ecology, they think of how bad ecology may harm them. But the number of people who seriously think of how NOT to harm the environment, unfortunately, is less. We constantly and quite reasonably filter water and air; we search for eco-pure food, cosmetics and clothes. But perhaps in the future, even the strongest filters and nanotechnologies will not be able to cope with all things that are going to happen on the Earth. The level of pollution might become so high that no device can deal with this!

But there is good news – the number of people who are moving the ecology straight ahead in a positive way is growing all over the world. Separate waste collection, disposal of batteries, water and electricity saving – in some countries these activities have already been implemented at the level of a strict law, and in some countries this is still at the level of public initiatives. And both give us a great hope and faith that the ecology has FUTURE!
In Russia, for example, 2017 year was declared the year of ecology. The most significant events were the adoption of the environmental safety strategy, the construction of waste treatment facilities, the signing of agreements with various enterprises on the usage of the best available technologies. The problems of ecology were widely covered in the Russian media; a lot of corresponding videos were created and shown. The “green” subject has become a priority for the country’s leadership, for the largest industrial companies, and for the society. We can say that the 2017 year was a turning point for Russian people to understand the importance of environmental protection.

The world is always and constantly developing. There are and will be created many inventions and technologies to help people to support the health in a bad ecological situation. Devices for water and air filtering are the most popular now. OKFIL Window Filters Company, for example, is developing and implementing an innovative air filtration system. These are window filters that allow ventilating the room 24/7 at any season without drafts, noise, dust and burnt odors. But we should not forget that not only people need protection, the environment also requires protection …from us, people! We all need to understand that not only clean air, water and food make us healthier and happier, but also walking or biking instead of car driving. These activities also make our planet cleaner and healthier. Our future is in our hands! Please take part in our ECO-poll in Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram. Thank you and welcome to the OKFIL team: our contacts.