Innovations in construction

Progress never stops; innovations are being rapidly introduced to all spheres of our life including business, especially construction business.

What is the role of any invention?

Firstly, the achievements of technological progress facilitate the work of people, and somewhere they can even replace human resources. We all know that computers control airplanes and trains, that cars can be parked up and driven without a driver! And there are many other examples like this.

Secondly, innovation is to solve some problem. It may be associated with the production, ecology, transport or household life. Innovative solutions are required everywhere, and today we would like to talk about two life hacks for the construction industry.

Innovation №1

Small remotely-piloted aircrafts (drones) are actively used in the US construction business. They greatly facilitate the work of contractors and solve several problems at once:

  • Help to detect problems with chimneys and leaks;
  • Save a lot of time;
  • May transport a ladder of about 40 feet;
  • Reduce falling from height’s risks, near misses and fatal accidents in the construction area;
  • Save money and labor costs;
  • Collect demo photo and video materials for a facility commissioning.

Innovation №2

A small plastic device that is acting as a window inlet valve called a “window filter”. Unlike analogs, OKFIL Window Filters allow ventilating the room with the closed windows without noise, dust and drafts. They can be installed on any part of the window and do not violate the guarantee for the window (based on the letter №174 dated 08.18.2017 NPMC “Interregional Window Institute”).

OKFIL Window Filter has the following advantages:

  • It perfectly works at the temperatures of +70° C down to -65° C without freezing through (tested in Yakutsk);
  • Slow wind flow 24/7 protects from sudden temperature changes, but delivers the necessary amount of air without noise and dust and without cooling the room;
  • The installation of the window filter does not require the replacement of windows, it is mounted in already installed windows or can be done at any stage of construction;
  • Works without energy consumption;
  • Saves money on heating and cooling and makes the atmosphere in the room comfortable;
  • Increases the rent cost, attracts new tenants (ECO-home/office/hotel etc.);
  • Prevents condensation and mold on window structures.

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