Noise in Europe

Environmental noise pollution relates to noise caused by road, rail and airport traffic, industry, construction, as well as some other outdoor activities.
Prolonged exposure to noise can lead to serious health effects mediated by the human endocrine system and by the brain, such as sleep disturbance, cardiovascular diseases, annoyance (a feeling of discomfort affecting general well-being), cognitive impairment and mental health problems. It can also cause direct effects such as tinnitus.
The effects of exposure to noise impact EU economies. They lead to a loss of productivity of workers whose health and well-being are affected by noise, put a burden on health care systems and cause a substantial depreciation of real-estate value.

Road traffic is the most dominant source of environmental noise in Europe. It is estimated that 125 million people are affected by noise levels from road traffic greater than 55 decibels (dB) Lden, including more than 37 million exposed to noise levels above 65 dB Lden.
Exposure to noise from road traffic is followed by:
rail traffic noise (nearly 8 million people exposed above 55 dB Lden),
aircraft noise (almost 3 million people exposed above 55 dB Lden), and
industrial noise within urban areas (300 000 people exposed above 55 dB Lden).

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Fortunately there are some ways to avoid noise such as installing airtight windows, wearing the ear muffs or living far away from civilization (the last is the most difficult way nowadays). The first two ways are also not ideal as you cannot wear ear muffs all the time and you should ventilate the room by opening windows.

There is an innovative product from OKFIL Window Filters that allow airing the room 24/7 with the closed windows without noise, dust and air drafts. The OKFIL cartridge filters street air and you get only pure air inside and may keep windows closed all the time. The difference in the level of penetration of street noise through a plastic window with and without window filter makes 1 dB that is not perceptible to the human ear.

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